Thursday, May 24, 2007

ink blots on bears

Unless you're psychologically disturbed, you don't need to take the Rorschach Test.

But maybe you'd want to. After all, the test mechanics sound fun enough to be a party game! Ten ambiguous ink blots will be shown to you in succession and you're supposed to say what each reminds you of. In the end, expert psychiatrists will determine whether you're nuts or normal.

While the test's validity came into question over time, it continued to be used in clinics and courts of law – e.g., to analyze victims of sexual abuse, to evaluate felons, and to decide which parent should be granted child custody. (I guess for some, taking this test would be no fun at all!)

A Rorschach inkblot is splattered on the face of the Pushead Silver Anniversary Be@rbrick (above, right). The designer, Pushead, a.k.a. Brian Schroeder, is a hardcore punk artist who fronted the band Septic Death and created record labels like Pusmort and Bacteria Sour. His band's CD covers were his artworks, most of which depicted death and skull imagery. [Hmm... did I hear... Rorschach test? :-)]

(Rorschach info from / Ink blot pic from the Hermann Rorschach Archive & Museum / Pushead info from Wikipedia)


Anonymous said...

You know, I can see why you love these guys...they are really so interesting! Aside from being cute, each one's "personality" has a whole "story" behind it, and there seems to be no theme out there that can't be touched by a bearbrick! :) said...

Yes, though I still have to find a Bearbrick that I can relate to... food! That would be a challenge. Thanks for dropping by, Joey! :-) said...

Thanks, Ladybanana! :-)