Monday, May 21, 2007

to kill or not to kill a bear

Bears are wild animals. If a grizzly suddenly attacked you in a forest, you'd probably be forced to shoot it down in self-defense.

But how would you feel about killing a baby polar bear like Knut (right)?

Born last December at the Berlin Zoo, Knut was abandoned by his mother at birth, prompting an animal rights controversy between the zoo management (who wanted to rear the bear) and activists (who would rather see him dead than to be raised by humans). It was a searing dispute on what was best for the bear; which echoed pro-life and pro-choice sentiments not only from the opposing parties, but from the angry public as well.

I, for one, challenge the case of the activists. To denounce their cold-blooded call, I have taken a picture of my Horror Be@rbrick (left), dismembered and bloody.

Long live Knut!

(Knut news and pic from Spiegel Online, Follow-up stories here. )

Series 8 Horror Be@rbrick designed by: Nagi Noda – Japanese graphic designer, video and commercial director who has done award- winning packaging for Laforet Department Store (Japan), press ads for Nike, a music video for Scissor Sisters, and a TV spot for Coke (Mother/London)