Sunday, May 6, 2007

the curse of the black kitty

I scare you.

Whenever I cross
your dull daily trail,
your stride slowly stops
and your face turns pale.

In your mind, you surmise
all bad luck will ensue
'coz of this little puss
with the darkest of hue.

In your eyes, I will see
faith weakening so,
courage a-crumblin',
spunk sinking so low.

But I say, 'Why is that?'
'cause all that I've been
is a cat with a coat
of mysterious sheen.

Life's unfair, don't you think
when you're judged by your look;
You're seen more as the cover
and not as the book.


Darker and rarer, the black Hello Kitty Be@rbrick (top, right) has only 1.5% availability. It's one of six 'Secret' Be@rbricks from Series 13. 'Secret' Be@rbricks are hard-to-get designs that aren't included on the series' publicized list. If you find one, consider yourself very lucky.

(Cat pic from Wikipedia)


p said...

interesting collection. how many bear bricks are out there? said...

More than a thousand! And new ones get introduced every so often. :-)