Sunday, April 27, 2008

weepy women

Women and tears.
A powerful combination, they say.

"Oh! Too convincing – dangerously dear – in woman's eye the unanswerable tear!" wrote English bard Lord Byron in 'The Corsair'.

Consider Hillary Clinton's teary-eyed interview after a 'poor third' showing at the Ohio primary (see pic below).

The result was an unexpected turnaround in New Hampshire where voters gave her a much-needed lead against closest male rival Barack Obama.

It's also interesting how a crying scene almost assures a nominated actress of an Oscar. While she was lauded for her performances as a homicidal bitch in 'To Die For' (1995) and a singing goddess in 'Moulin Rouge' (2001), it was only after shedding one fabulously orchestrated tear in 'The Hours' (2002) that the Academy handed Nicole Kidman (below) her first golden statue.

Most powerful of all are tears of the Divine. A statue of the Blessed Virgin (below) that 'wept blood' drove thousand of pious pilgrims to the Vietnamese Catholic Martyrs Church in Sacramento, California. Check out this story and 25 other reports of crying statues and icons in recent years at

I wonder, if men cried more, would people be just as sympathetic? Now that might be a different story. :-)

(Top) The crying Dawn Be@rbrick is based on a character created by American comic book artist Joseph Michael Lisner. Dawn (below), the 'goddess of birth and rebirth', is a young, red-haired woman with three tears running from her left eye.

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Thursday, April 17, 2008

venetian masquerade

Venice is a maze of canals and narrow streets lined with touristy souvenir shops and sidewalk merchants. Of all the items on sale, I was most fascinated by the beautifully-crafted paper mache masks. Adorned with feathers, Swarovski crystals, Venetian lace, gold leaf, rick rack, or enamel, they were artful and unique – I wanted to buy one and attend a masquerade ball!

Masks are big in Venice for they are part of the annual Carnavale, weeks of costumed pageantry and revelry where identity and inhibition are hidden from view. See a video here.

Before I flew back to Manila, I bought one mask with musical notes right above the eyeholes (see bottom, right). At least, if I get invited to a masquerade party, I won't have to wake up the next morning worrying if I made a fool of myself the night before. I won't care.

To be anonymous is to be free. :-)

(Top) The masked Datmo Bearbrick was released in 2005 by DoCoMo's Datmo Project, designers of custom mobile phone covers in Japan. It is also available in yellow.

Info:, Wikipedia / Photos by yours truly

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

the other leaning tower of pisa

During a day trip to Italy's Tuscan region, our group passed by Pisa to see the famous leaning tower. As I had imagined, the slanted erection was an arresting sight. But guess what I saw on my way back to the tourist bus? Check it out below.

It sold for 5 Euros and was available only in L and XL. :-D

(Top) Series 5's Italian Flag Bearbrick.