Sunday, March 24, 2013

a klaus encounter with imagination

"Honesty and truthfulness are overrated. I mean that in the sense of factual truth and precision. They don’t bring that much new to the world. If I think of the best storytellers, it was not honesty that made their work great. It was imagination. I think imagination is underrated!"

– Klaus Haapaniemi, Finnish Designer

In creating his "secret" Series 25 Bearbrick (above), it's obvious that Klaus' imagination was in full force, judging from the exuberant shower of color, detail, and patterns.

The original 15cm ceramic owl from which the design was based (below) is available for sale on his online store for about $225.

The owl is a widely popular motif in design. Because of its striking silhouette and distinct features, it has been interpreted in many inventive ways in illustrations/graphics, jewellery, decor, fashion, toys, etc. But Haapaniemi's owl design, with its intricate and ornamental patterns characteristic of Scandinavian folk art, stands out and overwhelms.

That is why I think Klaus' bearbrick is the best of Series 25. Find more of his beautiful work here.

Like Haapaniemi (left), I see that more and more, imagination is taking a backseat to truth. Today, people have become obsessed with reality entertainment.  On the Internet, the abundance and accessibility of shared personal experiences in social media and blogs have overshadowed creative fiction, written or filmed. In YouTube, home videos rank higher in viewership than short art films. And celebrities' mundane tweets have earned more following than everything else online.

So what do you think? Is the age of imagination about to end? Or is it that truth has become more interesting than fiction?

Bearbrick pic and digital imaging by Yours Truly / Copyright March 2013 Bearbrick Love / Haapaniemi Ceramic Owl pic and flower details from / Klaus Haapaniemi interview excerpt from Blanca Juti / Haapaniemi pic from


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