Sunday, February 14, 2010

the best of 19

Here it is, finally – my Series 19. I am going to admit outright that I didn't get the complete set because I felt that the others weren't special enough. I mean, some people got a once-in-a-lifetime chance to create a bearbrick and they blew it... :-/

Thank God for the talented bunch who designed the wonderful bearbricks above!

First row, left to right:

Jellybean (Carolina Blue)
Pattern (Leopard)
Flag (Spain)
Horror (Uglydoll / Wage by David Horvath)
SciFi (Star TrekSpock)
Cute (Shoko Nakagawa / Watanabe Entertainment)

Second row, left to right:

Animal (Paradise Lost, Donkey Sister by Jimmy Liao /Jimmy S.P.A.)
Artist (Kazuki Kuraishi / KZK)
Artist (Bad Robot)
Secret SciFi (Momotaros Imagine / Masked Rider Den O)
Secret (Stussy / XXXth Anniversary)
Secret Artist (My Dirty Diamonds / Matt Black)
Secret (Revolver Japan /Kiri)

(If you want to see which ones I didn't want/get, look for them here.)

I really like the Leopard Pattern and the flocked Kazuki Kuraishi bears. But the Uglydoll bearbrick is my favorite because it has a very interesting love story behind it.

Back in 2001, toy designers/lovers David Horvath and Sun-Min Kim had to part ways as she had to go back to her native Korea. He regularly sent her "I miss you" letters with his little "Wage" character drawn at the bottom of the page. Once, Sun-Min surprised David by sending him a plush doll version of Wage which she sewed herself. It was so cute that they both decided to sell copies of it at the Giant Robot Store in LA. Its overnight success gave birth to more Uglydoll characters that also became bestsellers in designer toy stores. David and Sun-Min are now married and have little cuties, not uglies, of their own. :-)

Happy Valentine's Day, bearbrick lovers!

Pic by Yours Truly / Copyright February 2010 /Uglydoll plush pic from / Drawing from