Monday, May 14, 2007

sargeant pepper's lonely hearts club bears

Every year, our company would go on a trip – a perk for employees who have done well. Last year, I was among the many who lobbied for (a second visit to) Hong Kong. Most of the guys at the office pointed out the relatively new Disneyland HK as the main attraction while I, on the other hand, had a hidden agenda – to buy Be@rbricks at the little toy shops in the busy Mongkok district! :-)

So Hong Kong it was. And Mongkok it was! I jostled through the thick crowds just to bring home the Beatles Be@rbricks you see above. It's a vibrantly designed set, with colors and details based on one of the most popular Beatles albums, Sargeant Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band. Notice how the military style outfits match the original Manuel Cuevas designs (below).

The said album is probably the most celebrated among the Beatles' incredible musical legacy. Aside from the title song, I also love the other hit songs from the album: the heady music trip, Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds; the ode to friendship, With A Little Help From My Friends; and that amusing love song that I will continue to sing, with a smile and a passion, now and... When I'm Sixty-Four.

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Adria said...

I never heard of these bears. Are they available in the States?

Juan Ariel Comia said...

Bearbricks can be found at these stores: Kidrobot (New York City, LA, San Francisco), Toy Tokyo (New York), Ningyoushi (San Franciso), Rotofugi (Chicago). They all have online shops as well, just Google-search them. eBay is also a very good place to fine rare ones, though they may cost a bit more here. :-)

Joan said...

My boyfriend would love this stuff for sure. He's a big fan of beatles. Nice find there.

Be@rbrick Lover: said...

Thanks! :-)

Noreen said...

Interesting to know.