Sunday, May 27, 2007

bear & bird: separated at birth?

'You look like someone I know,' each of us has been told by a stranger we've just met. That would make us freeze for a split second, hoping to hear 'Brad', or 'Angelina' right after. In any case, the 'looka-alike' referred to certainly decided whether the new acquaintance would be an instant friend – or foe.

Uncanny look-alikes: (Below, left to right) The Yellow Flapper Be@rbrick and Tweety Bird.

(Below, left to right) The Yellow Flapper's designer, Hisashi of the Japanese rock group called Glay, and... Boy George!

I, with my shaved head, have been told that I looked like the 3-year old Puyi in Bernardo Bertolucci's epic movie, 'The Last Emperor'. Since he was only a child, I was unsure whether that was a compliment. But I took comfort in the fact that the 'older' Puyi was played by the handsome Chinese actor, John Lone. :-)

So much for uniqueness, individuality, and originality, etc. Somewhere in the world, there exist walking and talking imitations of ourselves – just as brilliant, just as beautiful. Think of us as a zillion precious hard drives; and God simply wanted back-up copies!

(Tweety pic from Wikipedia / Hisashi pic from / Boy George pic from 'Kissing to be Clever')


christine said...

"Think of us as a zillion precious hard drives; and God simply wanted back-up copies!"

I like that! :) Was great to finally meet the man behind the adorable bear brick site. Hopefully next time I get to actually chat with you though. :) said...

Hey, thanks, Christine – for your flattering comment, and for inviting socky, jun and me to that fab dinner with the foodies. It was nice to finally meet the brains behind the blogs! :-)