Monday, October 27, 2008

shop till you drop dead

Every year, the living dead meet up in the streets of New York City for ZombieCon. Their battle cry? "Bloody Marys, brains and brands!"

In the pics below, photographer Ted Seelie captured the creepy congregation invading department stores and designer boutiques around Manhattan.

Wreaking havoc inside...

...and outside Bloomingdales.

Mad dash to Gucci.

Dying for Harry Winston jewelry.

Decomposing guys, girls and guts spill out of Tiffany's.

Shopping for body parts in Times Square.

Moral of the story: Like a miracle, retail therapy can bring anyone back from the dead. Happy Halloween! :-)

(Top, left) The bandaged zombie bear is the Secret Horror Bearbrick of Series 6. Released in 2003.

Info from / 2007 Zombiecon pics by Ted Seelie / Bearbrick pic by Yours Truly


Unknown said...

are you sure those aren't shots of the macy's thanksgiving day parade? said...

Hi, Warrior Scout! :-)

According to fotog Ted Seelie's Blogsite, he took them during the 2007 Zombiecon.

Here's the link:

His pictures are great. :-)