Tuesday, October 7, 2008

battle of the blonds

Six weeks before she died of a drug overdose, Marilyn Monroe posed nude for photographer Bert Stern. That collaboration is now known as 'the last sitting' which produced some of the screen goddess's most provocative and memorable portraits.

Early this year, Stern recreated those classic images for New York Magazine. And he chose notorious pop star Lindsay Lohan to pose as Marilyn.

So which bare blond looks better?

(Above) Lindsay Lohan.
(Below) Marilyn Monroe.

(Above) Lindsay.
(Below) Marilyn.

My verdict?

No contest. A 'naked blond' may be a cliche, but there's only one Marilyn. :-)

(Left) Japanese rap artist DJ Ozma created the 'Naked' Bearbrick (top pic) based on the nude-looking costume of his back-up dancers during New Year TV show.

The costume's shocking effect forced the host, Tamio Miyake, to apologize later in the show. Watch the video clip here.

Info from nymag.com / Lohan pics from thehotjoints.com, kittyradio.com, dgawker.com/ Monroe pics from glamournet.com, visitsp.com /DJ Ozma info and pic from japansugoi.co


Carrie said...

Great post! And I agree, there's only one Marilyn. I was really surprised to see Lindsey Lohan as the model for this shoot. I would never have guessed she could pose as Marilyn. She didn't do too bad of a job, either.

Bearbrick Lover: said...

Carrie, I also think Angelina Jolie can impersonate Marilyn well. :-)

mtan said...

Marilyn looks joyful and youthful, Lindsay looks old. I wish I had MM's bottom :(sigh

Bearbrick Lover: said...

Mila, they say Marilyn was actually intoxicated during the shoot. That's why the pics are raw and real. :-)

warrior scout said...

hmmm... doesn't look like ms. lohan at all really...

nice post

Bearbrick Lover: said...

Warrior Scout, I didn't even know her b--bs were that big! :-D

Sandra said...

Marilyn Monroe is the winner!

Never seen your Bears. Will have to see if I can find them.

:) Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays!