Saturday, October 18, 2008

designing for the boardroom broad

There are two Kenny Wongs and they're both very talented designers.

Kenny Wong 'The Toy Designer' is the founder of Kennyswork and is one of the creators of Brothersfree. (I have two of his 12-inch Brothersworker figures which I really love.)

Kenny Wong 'The Industrial Designer', on the other hand, is an award-winning creative who just graduated from the Konstfack University College of Art, Crafts and Design in Stockholm, Sweden. His past works include designs for Bosch Surveillance Cams, Trefot Ceramics, Infrared Cams for the Ice Hotel in Jukkasjarvi. But for me, his most memorable designs are the shoes you see below which he created for the 2008 Shoe Design Competition in Hong Kong. As you can see, his inspiration is the classic business suit. Very clever!

Impeccable business style – from the necktie (above) down to the cuff link (below).

I'd say that to be well-heeled is to be well-suited for success. With heels like these, any corporate bitch can simply step on and kill whoever stands in her way. :-D

(Top) This Secret Horror Bearbrick from Series 11 is based on the 2005 film 'Executive Koala', Minoru Kawasaki's psychological tale of horror/murder that involves a Koala in a suit – an honest-to-goodness corporate animal! :-)

Meryl Streep pic from 'The Devil Wears Prada.' Digital imaging by yours truly. / Kenny Wong shoe pics from


Unknown said...

Hi Baba! The "Executive Koala" is so cute. His black nose reminds me of Kenzo's. It's 11PM here in Lyon, the gateway of the north and south of France since ancient times. Thank God for free WIFI, I am here giving you this update. We're staying in a hotel on a street that resembles our hotel's in Florence - cobbled and pedestrianized, lined with shops and various commercial establishments. But other than that, this French version is different. There's less people on the street (must be because there's less tourists); the look is clean and orderly, the ambience less festive; and the street opens out to Bellecour, Lyon's biggest square (remember the one in Florence opens out to a a circle where you will find the Duomo). At 4PM tomorrow, we're off to Dijon, the capital of Burgundy and the city most famous for its mustard. Will try to keep you updated.:-) said...

Hi, Jun!

Dijon is a gastronomic destination, from what I've read on the Net. The the grilled meat with mustard at Le Sauvage – 64 rue Monge – is supposed to be good. Enjoy your vacation! :-)

Anonymous said...

Great posting! Also check out the "Copper 18"(?) 400% that Kenny's Work designed for the Levi's Bearbrick campaign. The head is clear so you can see inside the divers helmet. (Nothing to see inside the helmet) but an clever approach once it is seen -- much like these business shoes mentioned on the blog.

I'm not sure about the Marilyn thing. A niece of mine really loves The Parent Trap that I've seen a lifetime's worth and now this.. :) said...

bbx, I've been trying to get hold of the Kennyworks Levi's Bearbrick but havent found any for sale. Still on the lookout though... :-)