Sunday, March 3, 2013

the be@rbricklover be@rbrick

When I celebrated my birthday last year, the guys at the office surprised me by designing a bearbrick in my likeness. It had my signature black eyeglasses, shaved head, and wore an exact replica of my then favorite Armani Exchange dotted black shirt. And if you looked closer, you would also notice that it had speckled shoes on, a representation of my Giacomorelli loafers with metal studs! 
But that's not all. They also created bearbrick lookalikes of everyone in the office and made a banner (below), cake and face masks out of them! 

My hand-painted custom bearbrick came in a special edition box, with the logo of its creators, Ray X Dan, two of the youngest and most talented art directors in our office.
I tell you, the best thing about being part of an advertising agency is the amount of creativity that surrounds me. Everyday is refreshing, inspiring.

And every birthday can be truly extraordinary! :-D

Pics by Yours Truly / Copyright March 2013 Bearbrick Love


Socky said...

Great to see Be@rbricklover back! said...

Socky, thanks! Hope I can sustain it haha! :-D Regards to Poch, Rama, and Annie!