Sunday, March 31, 2013

pretty mug shots

I was born in a province known for its coffee, and like many other kids from my hometown, I started taking it when I was only 7 years old – yes, I got addicted to caffeine early in my childhood! I grew up even pouring it over rice topped with crispy fried meat or fish, as it was common practice. To this day, I have not heard of any place in the world where that was done, but I swear I loved the taste of it! :-P

During the many times my siblings and I stayed at my grandfather's farm on weekends, we would wake up to the strong smell of morning dew and freshly brewed coffee. My grandfather was a very simple man who owned no fine china, so we simply drank coffee from plain white tin cups with blue lids which looked like this. I tell you, those cups were a far cry from today's stylish coffee mugs – especially the ones designed by American potter/designer Jonathan Adler (below).

Adler's philosophy of maximalism is completely opposite my grandfather's very basic style. In fact, in his company manifesto, there are three points that I believe summarize the Adler aesthetic:

"WE BELIEVE that minimalism is a bummer.

WE BELIEVE that colors can't clash.

WE BELIEVE in irreverent luxury."

Well, I believe that when it comes to coffee drinking, a pretty little mug can't hurt. Especially if you get them on sale at

(Top pic) This colorful, patterned Bearbrick was created by Jonathan Adler (in cooperation with Barneys Creative Guru Simon Doonan) for the 2011 opening of Barneys New York in Fukuoka, Japan.

Adler (left), whose design philosophy reflects a vibrant/retropop/eclectic vibe, launched his first ceramic collection at Barneys New York in 1994. Five years later, he opened his own home furnishings store in Manhattan. Today, he owns over twenty boutiques around the world and a very successful online store.

Bearbrick pic and digital imaging by Yours Truly. Copyright Bearbricklove March 2013. Photos of Carnaby Collection Mugs and manifesto excerpts from / Info from / Adler pic from


Mykee said...

I just want to say your collection inspires me. Im starting to collect just last year and so far i have like 30 plus from random series, cant wait to collect more of them. Thanks for sharing about your bears :)

Chuchay26 said...

Hello there. how do you display your collection. I'm looking at those blister boards what do you think about them?

Chuchay26 said...

Hello there, i didn't know there was a bearbrick community here in Manila =) how do you display your collection. I was looking at those blister boards are they good?