Thursday, March 7, 2013

Cheers to 24!

While I was doing my research for Series 24, I was struck by the beauty of the Flag bearbrick. I had no idea which country it represented and had to Google it using the key words "flag" and "dragon".

It turned out to be the flag of Bhutan, a landlocked kingdom at the eastern end of the Himalayas. I also found out that according to a BusinessWeek survey, Bhutan is considered the happiest country in Asia and the eighth happiest in the world. After doing another Google image search and seeing how it looked, I understood why. Check it out here.

Well, next to Bhutan, I suppose the happiest place can only be... Bearbrickland! Presenting the complete Series 24!

Upper row, left to right:

Basic (Metallic Green)
JellyBean (Cola Soda)
Pattern (Gossip Girl)
Flag (Bhutan)
Horror (Madoka MagicaCharlotte, the Dessert Witch)
Cute (PeanutsSnoopy)

Bottom row, left to right:

Animal (Felix the Cat)
Hero (The Dark Knight RisesBatman)
Artist (Kyary Pamyu Pamyu)
Artist (TaroutBrickun)
Artist (Neighborhood Technical Apparel)

Upper row, left to right:

Secret Hero (The Dark Knight RisesSelina Kyle)
Secret Horror (Gekidan Inu Curry)
Secret Cute (MonstockFueki Kun)
Secret Artist (TaroutBrickie)

Bottom row, left to right:

Secret (Zarigani Works)
Secret (AA=Takeshi Ueda Pic )
Secret (Phantaci)
Secret (Yukikuroda)

So which bear of the bunch makes you smile?

Pics by Yours Truly / Copyright March 2013 Bearbrick Love


Anonymous said...

I'm just curious. Do you still buy blind boxes? said...

Anonymous, not anymore. Besides, most resellers in HK and eBay already sell them opened, so buyers can choose which bears they like. More economical for us collectors, considering the rising prices of these toys. :-)