Saturday, July 26, 2008

the man behind the menace

In Star Wars Episode 1: the Phantom Menace, there existed a ruthless assassin by the name of Darth Maul (above, left). Mentored by the evil Darth Sidious and powered by the dark side, Maul, for me, was the most malevolent force – and face – in the Star Wars universe.

So who would think that the guy who played him – Ray Park – actually looks like this (below)?

He may appear charming and friendly, but mind you, he and Darth Maul have a lot in common.

Like the deadly Maul, Ray started combat training at a very young age. When he was only seven years old, Glasgow-born Parks trained in Northern Shaolin Kung-Fu. At sixteen, he was the United Kingdom's Martial Arts National Champion. In the 1993 World Wushu Games in Malaysia, he competed as a member of the British Wushu Team.

Like Darth Maul, Ray was trained to kill.

But unlike his sinister Star Wars character, Ray will play the 'good guy' very soon – as the mysterious hero Snake Eyes in the forthcoming movie, G.I. Joe: Rise of Cobra.

Yup, I have two of the same bearbrick and I'm giving one away for free! Just leave your nickname (or pseudonym) and city of residence in the comments section. After a week, I will write down each of the names in small pieces of paper, put them in a box from which a winner will be drawn. Don't worry, I will ask a friend to pick the winner! :-)

I will announce the raffle winner in my next blog entry. The winner should email me his/her postal address so I can send the Darth Maul bearbrick to him/her by registered airmail – absolutely FREE! Simple, isn't it?

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glen said...

hi this is glenng87 from Singapore ! :)

Anonymous said...

hi! thanks for posting my bape. wanna join the raffle!

fiona, quezon city

Anonymous said...

Hi! I am John. For raffle..
Orange County, California

Anonymous said...

Hi, I wanna join the raffle.
I am Josephine from Hong Kong. =)

Wade said...

hi Im wade - From Sydney Australia.. adding my name for the raffle!

Anonymous said...

hi i have 3 bearbricks. i'm 6 years old.

ethan abello
quezon city

Tonyhall89 said...

Hey hows it going

My Friends call me Labonium
i live in VA (right outside D.C.)

TheQuarterHug... Giving life to the public

Anonymous said...

you can call me flood :)
i live in sydney australia!

keep up the awesome blog

fresh said...

hi i'm fresh from penang, malaysia
love your blog btw =)

Anonymous said...

Asa from Glendale (CA) here. ;)

Anonymous said...

davidme00 from Pasadena, CA

Anonymous said...

Kaitlyn, 2 years old from Surprise, AZ

Anonymous said...

hi, i'm turning 5 on august 7!

andre salazar, quezon city

Anonymous said...

Winnie The Pig from Philadelphia PA joins the raffle -..-

Unknown said...

And the lucky winner is...
Glenng87 from Singapore!

Congratulations, Glen!

Just email me ( your postal address so I can send your free Darth Maul bearbrick right away! :-)

Unknown said...

And the winner is...

Glenng87 from Singapore!

Congratulations, Glen! Just email me ( your postal address so I can send your free Darth Maul Bearbrick right away. :-D