Monday, July 21, 2008

who's afraid of the number 13?

In the condominium where I live, there is no 13th floor, just like in most of the buildings that I've been to.

Likewise, you won't find 'row 13' in the majority of airplanes.

In Formula One racing, no car is numbered 13.

It is reported that in Scotland, all airports have no gate 13, only 12B.

After Wordperfect Office 12, Corel named their succeeding software Wordperfect Office X3, conspicuously avoiding the number 13.

Despite this widespread triskaidekaphobia (or fear of the number 13), there are those who have achieved huge success and fame by wearing the number on their uniforms: Basketball greats Wilt Chamberlain of the L.A. Lakers and Steve Nash of the Phoenix Suns. Football superstar Dan Marino of the Miami Dolphins. And power-hitter Alex Rodriguez of the New York Yankees.

It seems that the fierce and the fearless can conquer the curse.

(Top, left) Gallery 1950, a design/lifestyle retailer in Tokyo, bravely celebrates its 13th anniversary with this polka-dotted Bearbrick. This bear is available in 100% and 400% sizes.

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