Saturday, July 12, 2008

ledger's last laugh

I just the read the early reviews of The Dark Knight, the latest Batman movie starring Heath Ledger and Christian Bale, at and I am thrilled that it earned a very high score. compiles reviews from publications and averages the scores based on the respective 'weights' of the different publications (because some critics/publications are considered more credible and prestigious than others). It's my bible when it comes to deciding which movie, book, CD, DVD or game to spend my money on.

Peter Travers of Rolling Stone wrote:

"No fair giving away the mysteries of The Dark Knight. It's enough to marvel at the way Nolan – a world-class filmmaker, be it 'Memento,' 'Insomnia' or 'The Prestige' – brings pop escapism whisper-close to enduring art."

Richard Corliss of Time said:

"Beyond dark. It's as black – and teeming and toxic – as the mind of the Joker. 'Batman Begins,' the 2005 film that launched Nolan's series, was a mere five-finger exercise. This is the full symphony."

And David Ansen of Newsweek only had praises for Heath's performance:

"As played by the late Heath Ledger, with tangled greasy hair, grotesque white makeup, darting mad eyes and an obscene tongue that keeps licking his slashed, painted-on smile, this Joker is an agent of chaos so arbitrarily evil he strikes terror not just in his foes, but in the mobsters who hire him to eliminate Gotham City's caped crusader. It's a stupendously creepy performance, wild but never over the top."

While there has been speculation about a posthumous Oscar, only one thing is sure – Ledger's legendary performances, from gay cowboy to dark villain, will live on.

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Joker background pic from Entertainment Weekly, Free Batman wallpapers from, Hot Toys pic from Toy Square Canada