Wednesday, June 20, 2007

suckers for shine

What's in a flashy silver bag that drives women to obsession?

When Louis Vuitton launched the Miroir Line, bag lovers went crazy. Below are some of the things they said about it in a discussion board. (Note that the average price of such a bag is US$1,000+.)

"Love them all! I have three and they're compliment magnets for sure."

"I love this bag!! Everyone tries to buy it from me on the streets!"

"I adore this bag. (Love the idea of using it to touch up my lipstick!!)"

"I have to have one of these. Now, I need to figure out how to buy it without my husband knowing..."

"I called LV... the waiting list was closed..."

"When I got home today I picked up the phone and called all over the United States and actually found one! A store in Colorado is shipping my silver Inventeur Pochette on Tuesday. I CAN'T WAIT!"

Funny, but come to think of it, toy collectors like myself are not any different. Visit any toy forum on the Net and you're bound to read comments as fascinatingly shallow and fanatical as the ones you've just read. Non-collectors will never understand us. But do we care what anyone thinks? Nah.

As one of those Louis Vuitton addicts might say, 'Life's too short – give me one of those silver thingies, please!"

(Above, left) The Silver BWWT Bearbrick was conceptualized by Hajime Sorayama, an award-winning Japanese artist who is well-known for his hyper-realistic illustrations of 'sexy robots' (right). He started out as a visualizer in an ad agency and to date has published numerous books, worked on several movies, and designed the famous Sony AIBO pet dog robot.

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Socky said...

Yes, life is short - gimme one of those Sorayama pet robots pleeez!

Seriously, do you have an idea where they're available and for how much? said...

Unfortunately, Sony's production of AIBO pet robots was discontinued in March 2006. Many speculated that a major restructuring in the corporation led to this (with the goal of improving bottom lines). They were quite pricey – US$2000+ each! But I probably would have bought one still... :-P

Anonymous said...

I want that bag but gold :) said...

Hi, Joey, it's called the Speedy Miroir. Dunno if they even made it to the LV store in Greenbelt... at the rate that they were sold abroad. :-)

Rogers Place said...

Want the shiny pet robot.