Wednesday, June 6, 2007

the be@rbrick behind the mask

Everything about the Seremetis Be@rbrick (right) is intriguing: the white suit that mimics a superhero's garb, the fierce-looking eyes with no pupils, the bat symbol which signals a darkness of character, and the single black glove that hints at a secret physical aberration.

But who in heaven's name – or what the hell– is it?

The designer, Kostas Seremetis (left), is a New York-based painter who is known for his graphic portrayals of comic superheroes and villains... artworks that iconize the eternal battle between good and evil.

Samples of his work depicting what appears to be the Kostas Assassin, a masked samurai character of his own creation, are shown below.

I imagine Seremetis' Be@rbrick to be some sort of cult superhero... or its evil adversary. But which is which – don't ask. It's hard to tell what lies behind a mask.

(The Seremetis Be@rbrick is part of Series 7. Seremetis/Artwork pics from


Anonymous said...

*you might be interested

-sunny said...

I! Am! Thrilled!

Thanks, Sunny, you made my day! Finally, a designer toy and streetwear shop in the heart of Quezon City! :-)