Sunday, June 17, 2007

when superheroes fall

In the Philippine entertainment scene, scandals involving superstar celebrities have become daily fare.

Not too long ago, the country's most popular tv show host became tabloid material – when her basketball hero husband got involved with a sexy receptionist. It was followed by the bloody estrangement of a beauty queen and her rich husband, the son of an alleged crime lord. The latest shock surfaced on the Internet: incriminating pictures of a hunky actor kissing the actress wife of one of the country's richest men.

The public was shocked, to say the least. Judgment was passed easily from one gossip blog to another. After all, these were people of extraordinary lives and status – supermen and superwomen in their own rights.

There was only one thought in everyone's mind: How the hell could they ruin their lives like that?

Think Superman, and then think kryptonite.

Like the rest of us, these so-called super beings are only human, and deep in their minds and hearts lie weaknesses that surface even with just a minuscule amount of kryptonite.

Money, beauty, love, sex, pride, power... What's your kryptonite?

(Top, right: Superman Returns Be@rbrick. Comes with a 400% size version. The red cape is printed at the back. Original Superman costume created by Joe Shuster.)

(Pic of Hot Toys' Superman Returns / Clark Kent 12-inch figure from Toy Square Canada. Pic of Lex Luthor holding green kryptonite from Action Comics Annual #10, 2007. Info from Wikipedia.)