Sunday, September 7, 2008

the rare ramenz be@rbrick

If there is one bearbrick I own that I should keep inside a safe because it is so damn expensive, this is it – the Ramenz Bearbrick (named after the Japanese comedy duo). Unique and unpredictable, the design is well worth the money for me. According to Toysdorado, only 300 pieces were produced and distributed in Japan. And as afar as I know, only five of them surfaced on eBay.

It was created in collaboration with Ramenz's Katagiri Jin (left), the funny guy who co-starred with his silly sidekick Kobayashi Kentaro (right) in the now-famous youtube vids about Japanese traditions (sushi, green tea, chopsticks, origami, apology, and onigiri.). These two also appeared in the Japanese version of the Mac and PC television commercials.

I like creative types like Katagiri Jin – commercialism is always last on their minds. The Ramenz bear has no trademark, no signature, and no 'Made in Japan' in all caps. The only thing imprinted on it is Katagiri's wild imagination.

Truly a rare bear. :-)

Ramenz pic from / Info from Wikipedia,,,


The Acorn King said...

Not sure if you would be interested...selling some of my bearbricks :) said...

Thanks for the tip, Helm... will check it out. :-)

Anonymous said...

Hmm, I am curious how much you paid for you mind revealing the price?