Monday, September 15, 2008

my series sixteen

Do I make it a point to collect every single Bearbrick of a series?

The answer is no. In the case of Series 16, I got all (see below) except one bear – the T19 Skateboard Bearbrick, a secret design. If you click here, you will see why I think it's not worth collecting.

Designer toys are very different from designer clothes. For toy collectors like me, a brand logo just ain't enough. :-)

Below, I've linked each of the bears to the sites of their designers or design inspirations so you can learn more about them.

Top row, left to right:

Basic (Letter B)
JellyBean (Jelly Belly)
Flag (Sweden)
Cute (Gachapin by Fuji TV)
SF/Science Fiction (D[di:])
Horror (Detroit Metal City - Johannes Krauser II)
Animal (Miura Jun)
Pattern (Crocodile)

Bottom row, left to right:

Artist (Kaeruotoko's Eagle Talon anime – Yoshida)
Artist (DJ Ozma)
Secret Artist (DJ Ozma – Nude Dancer)
Secret Cute (Mukku by Fuji TV)
Secret Artist (Kaeruotoko's Eagle Talon anime – Dr. Leonard)
Secret Pattern (Mint Designs)
Secret Horror (Detroit Metal City - Souichi Negishi)
Secret (Ed Banger Records)
Secret (Real Mad Hectic)

The Ed Banger Secret Bearbrick is my favorite. Which one is yours?

Info from and the links above


* Flippy said...

hey...can i ask u a ques? im confused, the yellow magic ochestra with 5 bearbricks in a set; is it real or fake?

got people said its fake ...

Anonymous said...

it is fake. YMO is 3 guys and each bear represents each of them and at the same time a seminal effort of their career. The YMO set of 5 seems more like a literal take, IMO, with the shaman like masks etc. Anyway check the interviews at said...

Yes, the Yellow Magic Orchestra is composed of 3 Japanese musicians:

Haruomi Hosono(bass)
Yukihiro Takahashi(drums/percussion)
Ryuichi Sakamoto(keyboards)

Thus, the first (and original) Yellow Magic Orchestra Bearbricks were a set of three (wearing their signature stage costumes).

This set of 5 you're talking about (the one with the opera masks designs) is very suspicious, indeed, because there is no 'TM' sign below the Bearbrick hologram in the box. And its box design is not new – in fact, it was the one used by the earlier 'original' edition. Usually, special editions have special boxes made for them.

Hope this helps. :-)

Anonymous said...

OH yeah.."opera masks" that is the word I was looking for. BBLove, any idea what the connection is with SF being a ragged teddy bear? Reminds me of Spielberg's A.I...

Anyway I'd have to agree with the Ed Banger or Mint Designs. I'm in a pattern (repetition) mood lately. said...

BBX: The SF bear's designer, known as D[di:], is a Japanese writer/illustrator/musical talent whose latest work is some sort of a sci-fi fantasy. That's as far as I know. :-)

Anonymous said...

Just want to congratulate you for being one of the PBA Finalist said...

Thanks, Dexter, I'm very thrilled. :-D

adrian said...

I'm wondering why T19 is not worth to collect? Mine was in the white bag and last week i just open it. Now i'm quite like coz the quality in the bear and the color is not bad too. said...

Hi, Adrian,

Actually, the metallic finish and the blue color are – as you say – not bad. I was referring to the fact the it used a brand logo instead of an original design – but that is only my opinion. :-)

Doc Tony said...

you are a finalist in the pba again!!! congrats!!!! said...

Thanks, Doc Tony!

There are more finalists this time so I'm just hoping for the best. :-)

Anonymous said...

I happen to see one of those 5 member ymo bears. I thought they were minor YMO musicians, but then again why would Medicom create a toy for minor musicians?
Speaking of YMO, I want that wooden bear being cuddled like a baby by Sakamoto Ryuichi. It's ridiculously priced at more than 60 thou en or 30 thou pesos. That and the stainless steel are the only ones I want to collect. What's with this 400% or 1000% thing I always see in insanely priced be@rbricks? I'm no bearbrick expert but what's the deal with those percentages? said...

Kenneth, those large, outrageously- priced Bearbricks are usually made from special material (solid wood, layered wood, recycled wood or special metal) not plastic. I expect them to be a bit expensive but – you-re right – the prices are quite steep, even for serious collectors. :-)

♥ Cheenta ♥ said...

i like bearbrick picture and request ur permission to take some of ur bearbrick picture and put in my blog..hope u not angry