Saturday, August 2, 2008

delicious by design

One of the best-designed bears I've seen is the Watermelon Bearbrick (above), a collaboration between Levi's Jeans and Clot, Inc., the hip clothing company owned by the controversial Hong Kong celebrity Edison Chen (who supposedly loves watermelons).

The design is quite tasteful. A hard-sell logo is dispensed with in favor of witty graphics. (The seeds form the eyes!)

Speaking of cleverness, aren't square watermelons ingenious? These manually engineered fruits won't roll off a farm truck or slide off the picnic table. Best of all, they'll save space inside refrigerators, just like Tupperware.

According to reports, an 84-year old Japanese farmer started to grow them inside boxes about 30 years ago (!) and now holds a patent for the containers.

Only in Japan... :-D

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* Flippy said...

im jz starting wana collect bearbrick, and found ur blog,really like it,haha,very nice~

Anonymous said...


i didn't know there's so many types of bearbricks! said...

Thanks, Flippy. Welcome to Bearbrick Love!

Hi, Renaye. Check out for the complete list of bearbricks. :-)

Anonymous said...

i've always loved the watermelon one, did you know if the 400% ever dropped? i haven't picked up a bearbrick in some time, tokyo has surprisingly hardly any 400% ones. the last one i got was a 400% NORG which is meant to have a blue glow but mine doesn't glow at all! haha.

jake said...

Yes, the 400% Watermelon was sold very quickly on eBay. Very quickly... :-)

So Tokyo does not have that many bears to buy, eh? I guess that makes Bearbrick collecting even more challenging. Whew!

Anonymous said...

bummer, do you know when the 400% came out?

nakano broadway in tokyo has pretty much every 100% bearbrick released but i think i only saw 2 400% ones.

jake said...

Officially, it was supposed to have been released last December 2008, but I only saw one on eBay in the first quarter of this year.

It's good to know that in Tokyo, there are a lot 100% ones – which I collect. I can't wait to go there early next year. :-D