Tuesday, August 12, 2008

be@rbrick makeover

What you see on the LEFT is the original 100% Molly Bearbrick. I think it's a good adaptation of Kenny Wong's Molly character (shown below at the 2008 Taipei Toy Festival) EXCEPT that it has a rather oversized logo on its chest.

Which I hate.

So the obsessive-compulsive artist in me decided to perform an unsolicited makeover with Photoshop. The result is the bear on the RIGHT. I've erased the logo completely and replaced it with dot/dash/zigzag patterns similar to the ones on its hands, feet and ears. What'ya think? ;-)

To the guys at Medicom: Bearbrick collectors love design, not logos. We collect pop art, not promo items. We prefer quality to rarity. Capisce?

Info and Mollympics pic from www.kennyswork.com


Anonymous said...

i actually thought the one on the left was a fake bearbrick!

long time lurker

bearbricklove.com said...

Haha! It sure looks like it though... :-D

Anonymous said...

Oh man. Short and sweet. Thank you for saying this!!! Personally this be@r is fine but for a while there were few released that were just black with a logo mark only. Ugh...

bearbricklove.com said...


I'm sure Medicom will realize that logos (or blatant commercialism) will turn off collectors in the log run.