Sunday, June 22, 2008

let's get loud!

My neighbor, Mr. Y, is a friendly old man. Whenever I bump into him in the corridors of our condo, he greets me with a smile and chats me up. (Never mind that he always gets my name wrong.) He's particularly chummy with Mrs. X, a sexy middle-aged divorcee, who only wears short shorts and tank tops, and goes for a drive in her BMW practically every night. ;-)

Once I hosted a party for a friend. Around midnight, my place was packed with drunk guests while Hed Kandi music blared from my JBL speakers.

Then the doorbell rang.

Uh-oh. Was the music too loud? Did we wake up the neighbors?

I opened the door and peered outside. Mr. Y was in the corridor, intoxicated and swaying from side to side. No, he wasn't about to fall – he was dancing to the loud music!

"Hi, I just got home and I heard you guys havin' a party in there. You know, I like to dance – I'm a very good dancer," he blurted while thrusting his hips a little harder. As I opened my mouth to answer, his door opened and his maid (a hefty and dour-looking woman who only spoke Visayan) quickly dragged him in, despite his drunken protests.

Several months after that incident, my driver, Guido, told me that he saw Mr. Y get out of the elevator, shirt tattered and face bruised. He asked me, "What could possible get a nice old man like him in trouble?"

I could only think of three L's. Liquor. Ladies. Loud music. :-D

(Top left) This Boombox-inspired Bearbrick was created by Hong Kong illustrator and toy designer Jason Siu. It was among seven bears that were released during the 2001 Hong Kong Toycon. Siu's work, including his fanciful speaker collection entitled 'Speak Your Mind' (above), reflected his fascination with 80s hiphop street culture. Check out his toys here.

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jake said...

haven't commented in a while, hope things are well man. still in my top 3 favourite toy blogs. out of interest, do you collect any other stuff (ie secret base, real head, bounty hunter etc?) or strictly medicom?

jake said...

Hey, Jake, nice of you to drop by. :-) Actually, I also collect 12-inch figures like Hot Toys Military, CoarseToys, Brothersfree, Takara...also got a few Trexis, Michael Lau Gardeners, Kubricks, Gundams, and Soul of Chogokin die cast robots. But I like Bearbricks the most. :-)

jake said...

that's cool, when you say takara are you into henshin cyborg?

i forgot to say, i was in tokyo for two weeks in may and hit up project 1/6 in shibuya. probably the most disappointing store i went to during my whole trip. such a bummer.


Anonymous said...

Yeah I agree. Project 1/6 is totally hit or miss. said...

Jake, bbx: yup, I heard that Project 1/6 in Shibuya is only a small store that doesn't have a lot of bearbricks. I plan to go to Tokyo next year. Any must-visit shops? :-)

My only Takara is a 12-inch 'Batman Begins' posable figure.

jake said...

i had tons of toy stores to visit since i am into alot of shit: project 1/6, secret base, gargamel, real head, bounty hunter, mandarake, golden age and tons more. with the exception of gundam (that shit along with evangelion is seriously EVERYWHERE) i doubt you'd be able to find much of the rest (ie newer western stuff).


Anonymous said...

I think Nakano Broadway (shopping Mall) is still a must visit. Probably not as hot as Akihabara but still a nice little side trip.

jake said...

oh for sure. said...

Thanks for tip, Jake and BBX! You guys are a big help – because it is always hard to find specialty/designer toy stores anywhere in the world. And a lot of them turn out to be smaller than what one imagined them to be. :-)