Monday, May 26, 2008

clear skies, blue waters

My friends and I found out that the best antidote to a week of frenzy is a weekend at The Pearl Farm in Davao, Philippines.

No crowds. No annoying hawkers. No bars with blaring speakers. We were surrounded only by the soothing color blue.

All our rooms had a view. And a price to match!

Everyone could nap and tan in peace. The next group of sun worshippers would be at least ten meters away.

Buffet breakfast. Buffet lunch. Buffet dinner. Had we been a bunch of anorexics, we would have gotten cured.

We slept in suites that hung over the water's edge. The sea breeze was our air conditioning. And the sound of the surf was our lullaby.

It was a perfect place to rejuvenate the weakened, the perfect healing drug for the city's weary and wounded souls.

(Top) The clear and blue Be@rbricks were designed to promote the 2006 Summer Sonic Music Fest in Japan. The 2-day concerts in Tokyo and Osaka featured rock groups such as Linkin Park, Metallica, Hoobastank, Deftones, My Chemical Romance, Fall Out Boy, Daft Punk, and Scritti Politti. A neo-Woodstock – indeed, a different way to lift one's spirit!

Pics by me. / Info from and the Summer Sonic Website


McDreamer said...

oh wow... my friend who lives in Davao kept on bugging me to visit them there and promised he would take us to Pearl Farm. I never knew how beautiful the place is...

Unknown said...

it looks beautiful. the closest i have ever been to the phillipines was 10 days i spent in palau, just south of mindanao. that was spectacular, bareboating through the rock islands.

thanks for stopping by. said...

Mcdreamer, the entertainment at the bar was fantastic – a young guy with a guitar who can sing anything from the Beatles to Maroon Five and John Mayer. :-) said...

Warrior Scout, nice to hear from you! There are many places here that will surprise you. And what's even more surprising is how affordable things are for tourists. :-)