Tuesday, January 1, 2008

it's time to transform!

The Bearbrick you see on the left is based on Optimus Prime, the Transformer robot on the right.

Here's the background story: Optimus Prime is the lead character in the Transformers universe. He commands the Autobots, a group of heroic robots from the planet Cybertron who wage war on the evil Decepticons for control of their home world. During battle, he transforms from a 'cab-over' truck (bottom pic) to a giant robot.

According to Wikipedia, "Optimus Prime is... a compassionate character who... has dedicated himself to the protection of all life, particularly the inhabitants of Earth; he will battle his foes with unyielding resolve to uphold this belief."

A hero like Optimus Prime is made of steel, and thus, powerful enough to fight any universal force. For mortals like us, making a diff in this world may not be as easy a task – but that doesn't mean it can't be done.

But first, we must transform. From being trucks that simply follow the road, we must transform into robots that leap through the air and fire laser guns at enemies – robots that never tire and never stop fighting.

Here's to a year of great transformations! Happy 2008! :-)

Original Optimus Prime pic from mindofayeti.com / Truck pic from slashfilm.com


Anonymous said...

Awesome! I love it!

I wanted to see the movie on the big screen and missed it because we were traveling. We managed to catch it in Tokyo -- how appropriate eh?

bearbricklove.com said...

Wow, I've never been to Tokyo but it's next on my list. :-) Happy new year, Carrie!

Anonymous said...

nice site dude! i just found out, you're also a filipino! sweet! haha! mabuhay! hapi nu year! XD

bearbricklove.com said...

Thanks, kapten, I hope you keep coming back. :-)