Thursday, January 31, 2008

the art of david flores

Looking at David Flores's art is like staring at a stained glass window. Clearly defined lines separate solid colors of different shades or hues. Up close, you admire the precision, the craftsmanship. From afar, you enjoy the subject, the vision.

The difference is, you don't see his art inside any dimly-lit church – they're out on the streets: on skateboards, on covers of music zines, on t-shirts worn by celebs like Paris Hilton and skate legend Chad Muska, on tote bags, basebal caps, Oakley shades, Vans footwear, and even Kidrobot designer toys! You also catch them on store windows and hip art galleries in California and Tokyo.

That's the nice thing about David's work – it's accessible, affordable, useful, and sometimes, even machine-washable! It's art for the real world, if you ask me. :-)

(Top) The XLarge Bearbrick by David Flores was commissioned by XLarge, the famous hip-hop fashion store in L.A. where Ice Cube and the Beastie Boys' Mike D get their stuff! XLarge first opened on Vermont Avenue, Los Angeles. Now it has branches all over Japan and Taiwan.

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Anonymous said...

this is quite an off-topic so
I would just like to ask the address of ur office PC&V Communications, coz ive been searching the net for the address and i cant find it.

thank you very much.

by the way sir, nice site, have you visited the toy store in Cubao Expo? one with a white interior, i forgot the the name thou, hehe.
and the FRESH store in 5 Sgt. Esguerra St., Cor. Timog Ave. QC said...

Hi, Bofill, you can call PC&V's trunkline (+632) 752 5004 for the address. May I know why? :-)

Yes, I've been to those two stores. I actually bought some graphic novels at the Cubao Expo Store. The Fresh Store in QC has more toys though. :-)

Anonymous said...

Thank you sir for the info.
mag iinquire lng po ako dun. ;-)