Saturday, October 6, 2007

be@rbook bonus!

Someone asked me once, "Is there a website where one can find a complete list of Be@rbricks?"

Yes, there is. Check out Toysdorado. It's a site for collectors that's updated regularly. But don't be disappointed with the small pics and the lack of editorial content – it is strictly an online database.

For bigger pics, grab hold of the 10th Aniversary Be@rbook (below, right), a complete documentation of all the bears produced from 1996 to 2006. A veritable bible for Be@rbrick lovers.

Bearbook Bonus: The collectible 10th Anniversary Be@rbrick, a star-spangled bear which I photographed between the book's pages (top, left).

When it comes to Be@rbrick info, the Be@rbook provides the basics. But for a geeky blogger like me, knowledge is found not only in between book covers, it is learned everyday – from long hours of surfing the Web to short trips to the toy stores, from endless chats with other toy geeks to quick peeks at their toy collections.

But if only for the FREE Be@rbrick, I am looking forward to the next Be@rbook!


Anonymous said...

this is the bearbook or the bearbrick manual?

Unknown said...

very cool said...

Thanks, Warrior Scout! :-)

Anonymous said...

daya! my bearbook came with one basic bearbrick white with some print! - sunny said...

Anonymous and Sunny, the starry bear came with the Be@rbook. The 3 little charm bears came with the Medicom Toy Manual. Sorry for the confusion! :-)