Monday, March 5, 2007

x-rated be@rbrick

Kids, close your eyes and move on to the next blog! The pic on the left is a Sex Doll Be@rbrick designed by Ukrainian Ruslan Karablin. (Note the bear's lower orifice. :-0)

Karablin is an artist/
designer/curator who founded SSUR (Russ spelled backwards), a popular streetwear line in NYC. Born in Odessa, Ukraine and raised in Brooklyn, New York,

his work was largely influenced by artists Keith Haring and Stussy, inspired by modern pop culture, and centered on sex, politics and protest. He started making t-shirts in 1989 to promote his paintings. Today, SSUR Plus, his Manhattan store, is one important destination for streetwear and street art. Because of guys like Karablin, art and commerce are not only alive and well, but symbiotically co-exist! What a feat!