Wednesday, March 7, 2007

be@rbrick from sin city

Sin City is a tag name for an urban area that caters to various vices like sex, gambling and drug use. (Uhmm...Las Vegas?)

Frank Miller's film noir-like series of graphic novels with the same title is based on such a setting. One of the protagonists, Marv (below), is a 7-foot tall man with a heavily scarred face and a flattop buzzcut. Always dressed in a trench coat, leather pants and boots, Marv spends his time on the streets doing odd jobs for various people. He suffers from a mental condition that causes him to "get confused",

which is believed to involve short-term memory loss and possibly hallucination. His parole officer supplies him with medication to control his condition, but does nothing that could possibly curb his violent nature. Marv's personal code of honor dictates the repayment of debts and a sort of chivalry towards women. A classic example of a noir anti-hero.

The Sin City bear (above right) is based on the Marv's extremely tough and violent character. (And you thought Be@rbricks were cute and sweet, didn't you?)

(Marv pic and info from Wikipedia)


Anonymous said...

darn.. this one i like!