Sunday, February 25, 2007

the daruma be@rbrick's mystique

The Japanese Daruma doll's eyes are completely white because the doll's owner is supposed to color it in himself, while making a wish. Should the wish come true, only then is he allowed to color the other eye. Traditionally, one is supposed to burn it in a bonfire after completion, but most owners keep it as a reminder of their accomplishment.

To the Japanese, the doll is a popular symbol of luck and the completion of goals.

The Daruma Be@rbrick (right) is quite beautiful, and that is why it is sought after by most collectors. it belongs to Series 2, and is considered a 'secret' or a 'chase' Be@rbrick – a surprise bonus design that is rare and unadvertised.

I first saw this Be@rbrick years ago at a shop in Mongkok, Hong Kong.
I was immediately attracted to it but the owner wouldn't sell. 'Personal collection,' he said despite my pleading. Well, last November 2006, an eBay seller simply sold his last Daruma Be@rbrick to me. Painless! Talk about good luck!