Friday, February 23, 2007

uotake poetry be@rbricks

These are three of four Be@rbricks designed by Japanese poet Sandaimeuotakehamadashigeo, who has released several cds of his live poetry readings. Can someone translate these for me, please?

This minimalist trio is currently not available for sale anywhere. Not at any online toy store nor at ebay. Truly rare. Even i don't have any of these three. (Photo courtesy of


megcomia said...

Ang galing galing naman! COngratulations and good luck!! Mwah! Ola to Jun! Meg and Mara

By the way, Mara is the Honor Student of the Month at Roynon, she will be awarded Friday, her teacher kept it a secret she does not know it yet!

Unknown said...


And congratulations to Mara!
Send me pics naman!

Anonymous said...

hey dude, i think you need to get a DVD box set to get these 3 Sandaimeuotakehamadashigeo bears.

Unknown said...

Anonymous, thanks for the tip, but I was able to get the two on the right recently. They were released as Secret Be@rbricks of Series 14. Now, I am only looking for the one on the left. :-)

Anonymous said...

translation here..