Friday, July 30, 2010

first steps

Yes, it finally walks!

No batteries needed, just wind it up.

What big feet! I guess this is evolution.

Wanna see it in motion?

Or slooooow motion? LOL

I wonder what's next. Tumbling bearbricks? Talking bearbricks? Like those freaky dolls on Youtube, will they start peeing, too?! Oh well... as long as you don't forget about design, Medicom! Hint: industrial designer Philippe Starck, fashion designers Dolce & Gabbana, shoe designer Manolo Blahnik, illustrator Takashi Murakami, graffiti artist Banksy... my wish list goes on and on... and on....

Series 20 Basic @ Bearbrick pics by Yours Truly / Copyright Bearbrick Love, July 2010


Michael said...

This is a pretty cool site! I'm into bearbricks as well. You probably know this, but have you heard about the Karimoku Chess Wood bearbrick? I think it's probably my favorite one. Too bad it cost like a fortune to get though. But yea, I'll definitely will be heading back to your blog. It's worth the read. said...


Those 400% wooden bears cost more than an arm and a leg! Good thing I collect only 100%s. Thanks for the nice words! :-)

Anonymous said...

I like these ones. But have you seen they do peanuts-themed ones? I think they are pretty fun