Tuesday, December 1, 2009

score a tetris be@rbrick!

Wanna join?

All you need to do to win a Tetris Bearbrick (and more) is to play Tetris, the popular video game invented by 53-year old Russian computer engineer Alexey Pajitnov in 1985.

1. Where to play:

2. How to join:
Take a screenshot of your highest score and email it to acomia@pldtdsl.net

3. What's the prize:
one (1) Tetris Bearbrick, one (1) Red Jelly Bean Bearbrick, one (1) Ren Bearbrick, all from Series 18 (left).

4. Deadline for submission: Nov. 18, 2009. Announcement of winner: Nov. 20, 2009. If you win, I will send you the prize via registered airmail – it's that simple!

So, why buy these bearbricks on eBay when you can get them here for free? :-)

(Pics by Bearbrick Lover / Copyright, October 2009.)


Sandra said...

Nice collection! =)

bearbricklove.com said...

Thanks, Sandra! :-)

Moo Twitter said...

Hope I could win this one. I really want to have a bear brick :D

jema said...

can't wait to know who is the winner.
lately me and my girlfriend are spending hours playing Tetris!!

felixandrew said...

I'm so excited about this contest!

What time is the deadline on the 18th?