Saturday, July 11, 2009

the 'mj' be@rbrick

There is an 'MJ' Bearbrick (above, left), but it does not stand for Michael Jackson. It's the one designed by 'Miura Jun' (or Jun Miura), a famous Japanese illustrator, for Bearbrick Series 16. One of his artworks exhibited at the Tokyo Laforet Museum in 2002 (above, right) must have been the inspiration for it.

Judging from the pics below, it is easy to see that Miura (right) has something in common with the King of Pop.

Check out a video of him here.

However, the similarity doesn't end there. Like Michael, Jun has spent a lifetime of trailblazing artistry. He is also a cartoonist, painter, essayist, novelist, musician, record producer and a very good friend of music legend Bob Dylan. How akin to creativity can one be? :-)

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THE CAT'S MIU said...

Wow, this is the coolest blog ever! I've become slightly obsessed with bearbricks (but had no idea they were called that, or half as expensive as some of the ones you talked about!) after I saw them in a magazine--Vogue's List of 100--upon my arrival in Seoul in mid May. Then I started seeing them everywhere: as Samantha Ronson's background on Twitter, on a few t-shirts of Korean celebrities and "talents", and so I decided to hunt them down in, where else, Tokyo! I only dragged my dad, aunt and uncle to toy stores. Not even clothes stores! Just to find these toys. Finally I was able to find them in Kiddyland in Harajuku and ended up getting two that came in a "surprise" box from Series 18 (though I would've liked to get more, but my dad was pretty shocked by the price.. when it was only 800 Yen!). I was hoping for the cool chrome one but was thankful and satisfied with two different but cute bears - the Hello Kitty one and Spongebob.

Not to go on and on, but I was wondering how much the average prices were depending on each 'version'? And what exactly are the 100% and 200%s? Are they collection names?

Sorry for the long comment. I might as well stock up during my stay in Seoul.. It really is an obsession! said...

Hi, Alice,

I love long comments! Thanks!

Prices may vary from $5 to $200 for the 100% size (about 2.8 inches tall)

$50 to $2,000 for the 400% size (about 11 inches tall). The wooden ones by famous artists such as Kaws are the most expensive ones of the 400%s.

And $250 to $1,000 for the 1000%s (about 28 inches tall). No special materials such as wood for the 1000% size yet, that is why they don't run up to same prices as the wooden 400%s.

The 200% is a new size (about 6 inches) and there are only two of these so far. They're both made of real metal (die-cast) because they're a collaboration with Bandai, the Japanese robot specialist. These two will cost you something like $110, at least.

These are based on Ebay prices. They can be lower if you buy from a physical store. :-)

sunny said...

galing daniel tay's collection. recently i had a shelf custom made for my bears too. waaah. said...

Sunny, I am envious of you, guys – I keep most of mine in small drawers, would you believe? LOL