Friday, June 12, 2009

wanted: gardener be@rbrick

An Open Letter To The Famous Toy Designer, Michael Lau

Dear Michael,

I am an obsessed fan, a crazy toy collector who used to check eBay diligently for your 12-inch Gardener figures, hoping there would be a seller who was insane enough to part with his.

But after years of waiting in vain, I've learned to accept defeat (and the fact that those footlong toy figures with poseable extremities could cost me much more than an arm and a leg).

So I've switched to running after your 6-inch vinyl Gardeners instead. As the pictures below will show, I've been quite successful in acquiring a decent collection of your shorter Gardeners. You can't imagine how proud I am of these 'guys'. :-)

(Left to right) Maxx, Square, Tatto

Fatwest, Prodig, Brian

Young BB, BW, Mono...

Box B, Box C...

Future, Womax...

... and the catatonic-looking DJ Tommy.

But here's my case: much as I am devoted to your Gardeners, I am, above all, a Bearbrick lover. As such, I can't help but wish that one day, you'll find in your heart to create a 'Gardener' Bearbrick, complete with the hip streetwear and edgy attitude. Not just generic bearbricks (like the ones on top which you created for the 2001 Hong Kong Toy Con) stamped with the name of your toy company, Crazysmiles.

Please? :-)

Yours truly,
Bearbrick Lover

(Inset: top, right) 12-inch Prodig Gardener pic from