Sunday, March 22, 2009

journey to japan


Just got a Japanese visa.
I leave with J on April 3.
Harajuku in Tokyo.
Hanami in Kyoto.
Can't wait –

Bearbrick country,
here I come!

(Left) Japan 'We Love Football' Bearbrick. Kentucky Fried Chicken in Hong Kong celebrated the 2006 World Cup with a series of 12 Be@rbricks, which include Germany, Italy, Spain, Netherlands, Mexico, USA, Korea, France, Argentina, Brazil, England, and Japan.


Anonymous said...

oooooooohh! bearbricks!!!!! if you find some nice ones and are willing to sell to me, let me know! said...

Sure, Sunny! :-)

Anonymous said...

Konnichiwa! Hope you guys have a fantastic time in beautiful Nippon! Any plans to visit Medicom? :-) said...

Carrie, I do want to visit Medicom as well as the Project 1/6 Store (even if they say that there are very little left to buy). Thanks! :-)

Terenze said...

Hey Ariel, hope you'll greatly enjoy your trip to Japan! It's gonna be fun and ultra modern! =]