Thursday, January 1, 2009

the unkissable frog

Will you dare kiss a frog?

Probably not.

But let's say, you are a contestant in Fear Factor and 10 million dollars are at stake. Will that change your mind? :-)

Indeed, money is a very good motivator – it's right up there with fame, love, sex, and power.

To be successful, it's important that we keep ourselves motivated. But to be truly happy – here's a wonderful tip (a forwarded text message from a friend):

"What really matters is
Not what we bought but what we built;

Not what we got but what we shared;
Not our competence but our character;
And not our success but our significance."

Happy New Year to all! :-)

(Top) This Bearbrick (inspired by the fairy tale "The Frog Prince") was created by Isetan Japan to promote the edgy fashion brand, Libertine. Beautifully illustrated and unblemished by logos, it's one 'frog' that's easy to love.

Water lily background pic by Ian Britton from / Bearbrick pic and digital imaging by yours truly :-)


fiona said...

hi, ariel! just got a thermal be@rbrick as a gift. it says 2002. would you know from what series this is from? it turns pink when it's cold! said...

The Pink Thermo is the Jellybean Bearbrick of Series 5, released in December 2002. Yup, it turns darker when you put it inside the ref. Cool, huh? :-)

Happy New Year, Fiona!