Thursday, April 17, 2008

venetian masquerade

Venice is a maze of canals and narrow streets lined with touristy souvenir shops and sidewalk merchants. Of all the items on sale, I was most fascinated by the beautifully-crafted paper mache masks. Adorned with feathers, Swarovski crystals, Venetian lace, gold leaf, rick rack, or enamel, they were artful and unique – I wanted to buy one and attend a masquerade ball!

Masks are big in Venice for they are part of the annual Carnavale, weeks of costumed pageantry and revelry where identity and inhibition are hidden from view. See a video here.

Before I flew back to Manila, I bought one mask with musical notes right above the eyeholes (see bottom, right). At least, if I get invited to a masquerade party, I won't have to wake up the next morning worrying if I made a fool of myself the night before. I won't care.

To be anonymous is to be free. :-)

(Top) The masked Datmo Bearbrick was released in 2005 by DoCoMo's Datmo Project, designers of custom mobile phone covers in Japan. It is also available in yellow.

Info:, Wikipedia / Photos by yours truly


Anonymous said...

this might interest you. said...

Oh, yes, I saw those Fendi Bears in Rome at the Fendi Store along Via Condotti. They're HUGE! Unfortunately, none of them were for sale. :-/

McDreamer said...

I love Venice...

Anonymous said...

hi again! fresh has some new stuff. they have the series 15 bearbricks (there's a sealed complete box set!) and several 400% bearbricks. i got the sex pistols 400% bearbrick (never mind the bollocks...)

i got the gorillaz toys too. at like 2k for a set of 4. pwede na!



Anonymous said...

I love the Venetian masks, so much so, after a recent visit I just had to create a whole range of handmade crystal encrusted masks for my website.
Have a look for your self and let me know. said...

I like your site, anonymous, and I like the mask with the scarlet feathers – very eye-catching!

Did you design most of the stuff that you sell?