Tuesday, March 11, 2008

on turning 1

A little more than a year ago, Socky, my friend and business partner, gave me the idea for this blog. A blogger herself, she told me, 'Why don't you blog about your Be@rbricks, Ariel?'

At first, I thought, 'Who has the time?' I was churning out advertising stuff at the speed of light. 'Three-deadlines-a-day' kind of work. For sure, it was not going to be a 'stream-of-consciousness' kind of blog. I would need to conceptualize, research, write, and post! To make matters worse, half the web info on Bearbricks are in Japanese!

Then I told myself, 'Well, a lot of people have done so much more in their lifetimes. Surely, you can do this.'

That was the beginning.

After a month and 28 posts (I wrote so much back then), Bearbrick Love was nominated in the 1st Philippines Blog Awards. What a really cool start it was! :-D

Lately, my 'three-deadlines-a-day' workload seems more like 'five-deadlines-a-day'. But I'm still here. Photographing Be@rbricks. Researching on Be@rbricks. And writing Be@rbrick stuff.

I figured, if readers like you find the time to come here to read about these lovable, little creatures, then – hell, yes – I'm going to find time to tell you about them :-)

It's been a great 1st year – thanks, everyone!

(Top) The Series 11 Artist Be@rbrick with the number '1' on its face was designed by Taroshooten of Japan. Taroshooten designs and sells hand painted robot figures, self destruct buttons, funky silver rings and toy explosive kits. You can check out the Japanese site here.


Unknown said...

happy 1st bloggiversary Ariel!
wishing you many more bearbrick posts to write...

christine said...

Wow one year already? Happy 1st blog-versary, Ariel! :) I'm glad you decided to make the time for this blog. I look forward to many more bearbrick years ahead. :)

Anonymous said...

congrats my man!


bearbricklove.com said...

Thanks, guys! Sorry for this late reply – I've been busy wandering around for days... ;-)