Sunday, August 26, 2007

a couple of hotties

The scantily clad twosome (above) are Kegawazoku Be@rbricks. They are named after the Kegawazoku Theater Company, an all-female Japanese group that performs edgy song and dance numbers – musical revues that are spiked with unexpurgated violence, sex, nudity and political commentary. The male is named 'Junlie'; the female is called 'Marie.' Notice how their nipples are covered only by stars. Heehee.

Speaking of sexy couples, I just worked with two Brazilian models (Michele and Gui) for a television ad last month. (Yup, I am from the feverishly fun world of advertising.) You can tell from the picture below that we came up with one helluva commercial. Don't they look terrific?

Brazilian hotties like these two are raising temperatures in Manila and the rest of Asia. For some reason, they are suddenly all over! Even Vanity Fair magazine's latest issue features the sexy party boys and girls of Brazil. Photographed by stylish photographer Mario Testino, supermodel Gisele Bundchen and the young 'it' crowd from Ipanema cram the pages with earthy glamour and exuberance.

Doesn't that make you want to come to the next Carnival in Rio?

Info from Michael K. Bourdaghs' Blog / Michele and Gui's pic by yours truly


Anonymous said...

Models from Brazil have a different look. That may be why they are so heavily in demand for ads and magazines. The picture that you have up looks nice. said...

Thanks, Nicole, that was just a snapshot from my small Canon Ixus.

Yes, I agree with you about the unique Brazilian look. Apart from that, their dark hair is not too alienating for the Asian market. :-)

McDreamer said...

Yeah, one helluva commercial! The ad looks good!!! Accdg to Bashing 101, these Brazilian models have very low asking price for their appearances/performances. Agencies prefer getting Brazilians because besides being more beautiful than Pinays, they charge not even half of what our actors' are asking for their talent fees. said...

Thanks for the compliment! Though I disagree that Pinays are not as beautiful – just look at the covers of the latest publications from Manila! Have you seen the new magazine called Rogue? :-)