Sunday, July 29, 2007

of tearjerkers and crybabies

Sometimes a good cry at the movies is like a great workout. You come out of the cinema feeling tired and spent yet strangely purged of stress – like you just finished a 60-minute aerobic session. For me, the five best Kleenex movies of all time are:
1. Terms of Endearment
2. Schindler's List
3. Dead Poets Society
4. Brokeback Mountain
5. Bridges of Madison County

Terms of Endearment tops my list because of Shirley MacLaine's unforgettable comic relief. Downright hilarious though never contrived, it is reminiscent of real life dramedy as I've experienced it – peppered with pain, sweetened with laughter.

The Crybaby Bearbrick of Series 8 (above, left) was designed by Umino Chica, an award- winning mangaka (comic book artist) from Tokyo. Her most famous work to date is Honey and Clover, a manga and anime series about the intertwined lives and loves of five art students (above, right). Before this series, anime catered mostly to male viewers and featured action-packed story lines with beautiful young heroines. Female fans soon increased due to this animated version of a modern day soap opera.

Info from Wikipedia. Honey and Clover pic from


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Hi, McDreamer, I learned about your site from your cousin, Christian. Of course, you know that he is a toy collector like me. Thanks for visiting! :-)

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thank you, anna. in fact, the world of designer toys is so big – there are thousands of cool toys out there, just check out the toy links here. :-)