Saturday, April 7, 2007

who's who at colette paris

Look at the transparent Be@rbrick on the right.

See the two dogs? They're Caperino and Peperone, two playful and funny canines from Stromboli, Italy who are now making waves in the retail/style scene. Various products based on these two characters are being sold, mostly at the Colette store on Rue Saint-Honoré, Paris. In fact, they are the official mascots of the hip Parisian retailer. This particular Be@rbrick (called the Nike [co]+lab) was designed by Kuntzel + Deygas for Nike Air, exclusively for Colette Paris.

Now, look at the inset on the left.

See that hand holding the Colette plastic bag? That's me, who just bought the 'A Round World' Be@rbricks, a set of 6 which was specially designed for Colette's 10th anniversary.

And finally...

See the guy on the right?
That's Karl Lagerfeld, Chanel design chief and Dr. Houdret diet devotee, who I bumped into at Colette Paris! I introduced myself and told him I was a great fan. He smiled modestly, shook my hand and told me, 'Nice shirt!' Of course, I did not bother telling him it was an Armani... :-)


oli said...

hi kuya how is paris miss u na

Juan Ariel Comia said...

Hi, Oli! Our feet ache big time because of all the walking but we just couldn't stop. There's so much to see! We've seen most of the city and today, we're planning to go to Versailles. If we have time, we will drop by the shopping outlets later in the pm for designer bargains (we were told). The hotel is nicely located – accessible, and the area is not too busy nor noisy. Quite a relaxing hotel in terms of locale. Many trains connect to the nearby Metro, so perfect siya! How's your visitor? :-D

P said...

ay sana nag pa picture ka with karl. dala ba niya pamaypay niya? :-)

Juan Ariel Comia said...

Would you believe, I couldn't find my camera then! Tapos, he just finished paying and was leaving pa... Sayang! And no, he didn't bring his fan with him... it was cold!