Saturday, September 21, 2013

chasing series 26

After waiting for more than a month and being told by my bearbrick scout that he couldn't complete Series 26...

After running around Mongkok for two afternoons in pursuit of the elusive "chase" (secret) bears and coming home empty-handed...

After finding them on eBay but hopelessly waiting for the prices to drop...

... I finally scored the whole bunch!

Upper row, left to right:

Basic (Metallic Orange)
Flag (Cuba)
Jelly Bean (Cassis Soda)
Cute (Shimokitazawa Candy)
Pattern (House Industries)
Animal (Phineas & Ferb/Perry the Platypus)

Bottom row, left to right:

Hero (Kick-Ass 2/Hit Girl)
Horror (Day of the Dead)
Sci-Fi (Evangelion 3.0/You Can Not Redo)
Artist (Oriental Radio/Shingo Fujimori)
Artist (Oriental Radio/Atsuhiko Nakata)
Artist (Muveil/Violet)

Left to right:

Secret Hero (Kick-Ass 2/Dave Lizewski)
Secret Artist (Chelsie Comic Book)
Secret Artist (Smith)
Secret Sci-fi (Devilman/Mazinger Z/40th Anni)
Secret Artist (Yukio Ueno)
Secret (Stussy)

I can't figure out what the Smith Bearbrick is about. Many bloggers and online sellers mistake it to be by Paul Smith, but if you look closely, the word "Smith" at the back of this bearbrick is different from British designer Paul Smith's signature.

Now if only I can decipher what is written on its face and tee...

Bearbrick pics by Yours Truly / Copyright September 2013 Bearbrick Love


Anonymous said...

The face says 'スミス'...which is Smith in Japanese and the Tshirt says '一番' which is 'Number 1'...hope this helps

Bearbrick Lover: said...

What on earth could a number one Smith be? LOL Thanks for translating! :-)

Steven van Dorp said...

Cool! Tomorrow there's the Dutch launch of the G-Shock collaboration with Medicom